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I am a value investor and that simply means I believe in the concept of buying undervalued stocks when they’re cheap. Over the years, I have learned how to appreciate the concept of “buying low and selling high” – which is the central concept of value investing.

Value investors need to buy a stock at a big enough discount – or margin of safety – to allow room for error in the estimation of value. My method for determining “cheapness” is rooted in my experience as a real estate investor.

As editor of the Forbes Real Estate Investor, I cover the globe, always hoping to unlock value in practically every property sector. By carefully analyzing shares in over 157 publicly-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts, I can filter out the very best companies to own, always recognizing that “price is what you pay, and value is what you get.”

There’s no reason to be too cute when it comes to investing and that’s why I always call out the “sucker yields” – the high-yielding companies that typically have unpredictable and unreliable earnings histories with unsafe dividend payouts.

I have written thousands of articles on investing and this has allowed me to stay closely “tuned-in” to the commercial real estate sector. As the #1 analyst on Seeking Alpha and regular contributor on, I have engaged with millions of readers to help them enjoy a stress-free lifestyle and one that helps them “sleep well at night.”



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